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The following under listed websites can be used to search for free downloadable eBooks. They often search for materials that are in the pdf format. Some of them can also search for materials in the microsoft words, excel ,power point and other popular ebook extension formats.


Search for free downloadable eBooks with EBOOKSEARCH

Search for free downloadable eBooks with TOODOC

Search for free downloadable eBooks with PDF-SEARCHER

Search for free downloadable eBooks with GIGAPEDIA

Search for free downloadable eBooks with PDF SEARCH ENGINE

Search for free downloadable eBooks with FREE BOOK SEARCH (searches files with doc, chm, PDF, RTF and plain text formats, you can search with the author's name, title or keyword)

Search for free downloadable eBooks with YUROP (searches files with PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML, mp3 audio, Excel, Power point or Image formats.)

Search for free downloadable eBooks with ACROBAT PLANET (especially for technical and computing books, searches only PDF formats)



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