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Free online educational resources

  • Listings and review of the world's best free online libraries and digital archives( You cant imagine how many scholarly works is available for free in the internet until you have browsed through the scholarly works collections of some of the world's best free online libraries and repositories of free educational literatures-just like the conventional physical libraries, you can freely search for different sorts of academic materials and research literatures from the archives of these free online e-libraries. Most of the free libraries are actually open access repository of research and scholarly output of popular universities-literatures obtainable from this libraries includes-free medical literatures, free literatures in humanities, free science literature, free reference material, archives of thesis and dissertations etc- you will surely find lots of site to include in your bookmark list! )
  • Listings, reviews and screenshots of popular free ebook download center (There are lots of free downloadable ebooks in the internet, but one would have to conduct lots of time consuming online searches- we've done the stressful part already, all you need do now is to read the brief review on each of our listed free ebooks download centers. Lots of interesting ebooks can be accessed from the reviewed sites-Free IT books, free medical ebooks,free programming ebooks, audio books, business ebooks, motivational ebooks- You've been missing a lot all this while!)
  • Categorized links to lots of free downloadable eBooks and textbooks ( Listed here are categorized collections of URLs that links to lots of named free downloadable ebooks- free ebooks categories listed here includes- free Medical eBooks,free Science eBooks , free Web developments eBooks, free eBooks on Programming, free eBooks on general computing Knowledge, free Business eBooks, free Miscellaneous eBooks, free Novels and classical eBooks, free Motivational eBooks, free Audio books, free ebook tools/software)
  • Listings of the world's best free ebooks search engines ( You can search for free ebooks from specialized search engines, which searches, only for files that have the popular extension of free ebooks(PDF, doc, excel, etc)- some of the search engines listed here also searches some free ebook database- so using them to search instead of conventional search engines would return precise relevant materials and ebooks )
  • Browse or suggest contemporary seminar and project topics (Getting seminar and project topics may sometimes pose a challenge to undergraduates student in their final year of study, we try to create an avenue where any scholar can browse through listings of projects from different course/ academic discipline. Any one can also suggest seminar topics for the benefit of other scholars)
  • Interactive forum for Nigerian and non Nigerian Scholars (Here scholars can air their views on almost any topic that they desire, forum members can contribute to ongoing topics or start up a new one. Solutions to problems can be obtained, new ideas can be obtained, new friends with similar interest can be met - and lots more. New members need to register briefly before contributing to the forum topics.)
  • Tips on effective web search ( Listed here are few tips on how to conduct more effective online search using the Google search engine. A good understanding of the way search engines work can help one in phrasing of search terms correctly, thus resulting in faster and more precise online searches.)


Online publishing resources

  • Publish and monetize your undergraduate works ( Free online publications of undergraduate works- You can now easily make money and gain recognition from the online publication of your undergraduate works-publishable works includes seminar write ups, term papers and class assignments, final year and research project works, review articles)
  • Publish and monetize your Postgraduate work (Online publication of postgraduate research works- Online publication of research theses, Online publication of dissertation works, Online publication of review articles, writeups and other intellectual work.)
  • Publish review of your book's content in the internet ( Online promotions and sales of published books- We publish a review of your published or unpublished books in the internet, by so doing we are inadvertently exposing the contents and relevance of the book to millions of interested online audience thus increasing the publishers' and author's recognition and financial returns. )
  • Publish your lecture notes online (free publication of lecturer's lecture notes in the internet. Lecturers can now freely get their teaching materials online. Having lecture notes published in the internet apart from increasing the lecturer's international recognition also increases the free educational materials available to interested scholars from other higher institutions.)
  • Create eBooks copies of your printed or unprinted works (You can now have your textbooks and other books in the electronic form with ease. You need not worry about purchasing new software or learning how to use one. With an ebook format for your book, you can easily transact the online sales of such electronic book.)


Other educational resources

  • Statistical analysis of your data ( You can get help from us if you require any assistance with the statistical analysis of your generated data. Our analysis are done with statistical software by our well trained staffs- We will help you discover more serious implication for your results.)
  • Acquisition of relevant literature from the internet (There is now help for anyone that wants assistance with online research for the acquisition of free full texted literatures for their research and educational purposes. You can save lots of time and resources by employing our services- we know the right keywords to use and the right places to look at, to get you the exact kind of material you want)
  • Graphical Presentation of your results. ( Graphical interpretation and presentation of result can pose a problem to many scholars requiring to convert their hand-drawn graphs to the digital equivalent- if you require such assistance, then you can now have it at your door step)


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