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What is it all about? (Affiliation with UFUMES SCHOLARS)

Becoming an affiliate member of UFUMES SCHOLARS

Tips on increasing your monthly earnings.

Download Promotional Flyers and Other Affiliate materials

Terms and conditions of service.

Affiliate marketing in brief

Affiliate marketing is a business strategy employed by firms to boost their sales and services. Its all about helping the firm to promote their services through different advertising and promotional strategies. The efforts of the affiliate member is usually reward with commissions based on the numbers of referred persons.

Affiliate marketing is one major ways of making lots of money in the internet. Its like being employed by the firm or business unit running the program, but unlike the normal employment scenario it has advantage in that one is not restricted to specific salary or mandated to work at specific times.

With affiliate marketing, you can work at your leisure time and your income is determined by your efforts.

Online affiliate marketing comes in different form, It could be in the form of traffic generation to the site involved or through the promotion of sales or services offered by the web site.

The latter is the category that UFUMES SCHOLARS affiliate program belongs to. Our affiliate members are rewarded with 20% of what their referrals pay to us, when they patronizes our services.

One major feature of affiliate marketing is the requirements that intending affiliate member pay in or commit a token before enjoying affiliate member's privilege

One important factor in the choice of which affiliate program to participate in is the feasibility. Some program requires that you own a web site, such sites limits the promotional activities of their members to traffic generations. Some others expects affiliate member to promote their services only by the use of advertising strategies available in the internet.

A larger majority of the affiliate marketers expects their members to use only online promotional method to promote their service. Unlike these affiliate marketers, UFUMES SCHOLARS affiliate program encompasses both online and offline promotional activity.

Different web sites actually offer options of affiliate marketing. its quite a pity that many of these sites specifically restrict Nigerians from participating in their affiliate programs. Not withstanding, some web sites does not discriminate against Nigerians.

Reviewed here also are links to other high paying affiliate programs

Currently UFUMES SCHOLARS offers free membership into its affiliate program. see "How to become an affiliate member" for details on how to be an affiliate member.



Review of other top paying Affiliate programs
FAQ's on affiliating with UFUMES SCHOLARS




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All transactions with UFUMES Scholars should be done with the contacts placed on this site.

We don’t approve and are not responsible for any financial transactions done with any of our affiliate member.

Please report such impersonating cases to us. You can contact us with +2348067817864 or mail us on

Thanks for your trust and continued patronage.


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