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Creating eBooks from printed and unprinted books

Briefly on eBooks

Why create ebooks ?
Create eBooks Now!
What next after creating ebooks?
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Convert your books to eBooks

In just this three steps, we would create an ebook for your book

  • Pay in $4 or N500 into our account
  • Send us the soft copy or scanned pages of the book together with your information
  • and we will send the ebook to your email.

Create ebooks now!


Briefly on eBooks

Digitizing printed books are the major limiting factor in creating ebooks this day. Particularly difficult are digitizing older printed works, this is because the soft copy of the works are no longer available , hence one is required to retype the book or scan the entire book to have them in electronic form.

Essentially ebooks are the softcopy and uneditable form of printed books that are readable in a computer by using appropriate computer software. There are different method of rendering books in eform;

The books can be compiled into a stand alone executable files that could be installed and run on any computer system.
The book can be saved in an uneditable format that can be read by special unpopular software
The book can be saved in a format that could be rendered readable by popular software like the web browsers or the acrobat software. PDF format is the most popular way of presenting ebooks.

Which ever method it is important that the book is in a computer read only format.
In recent time, palm top devices like PDA, 3G phones,blackberries, have been equipped with the capability of reading ebooks

Why create ebooks?

Yes , it is an obvious question. In this era where almost every thing is going digital; email, e-commerce, e-banking, e-business,etc, could books be possibly left behind? No. eBook possess some significant advantage over the conventionally printed books. Some of this advantages are

  • it is easy to search and index the entire contents of eBooks within a very short time
  • It is very easy to transfer eBooks to anyone in any part of the world with an internet facility
  • It is the preferred choice for book transactions in the internet
  • Some forms of the ebook are users friendly and interactive in nature hence facilitating rapid comprehension
  • It is an easy and cheap option of publishing and selling books this day, especially when the author can not afford the initial cost of producing the printed edition.

Ebooks are preferred over other common words editing electronic formats like power point, microsoft word , word perfect etc in that it is not editable and it can be viewed with popular software like the acrobat reader.

Amidst these advantages that ebook posses, it has an obvious disadvantage, more copies of the book can be produced without the consent of the author and publishers. This can be reduced by paswording the ebook.

Libraries are fast converting all books in their archives to their e-equivalent , smart authors and publishers are also doing the same.

Are you a book author or book publisher, why not let us help you convert your printed or unprinted books to the ebook equivalent.


Create eBooks Now

We can help you create an eBook format of your scholarly works. The format in which we are going to convert your work to is the PDF format , a popular form of distributing and reading eBooks in the internet. It is viewed or read with the acrobat reader.

Below are instructions that will guide you through the process of converting your books to the e-equivalent.

Step 1

We charge a service fee of N500 or $4 for converting each book to its e-format. (See our payment details)


Step 2

You will provide us with the following information about yourself and your book (send them to

  1. Your Name:
  2. Your publishing firm name: (for publishers)
  3. Your Location: (country /State)
  4. Your Mobile Number :
  5. Your Email Address:
  6. The scanned picture of the cover page of your book
  7. Password Option for ebook (Indicate if you want us to password your ebook while creating it.)
    1. Send us your desired password(usually use a long password that includes numbers and special character), passwording an ebook limits access to those the author gives authorization
  8. The entire soft copy of your work including the introductory pages like preface, dedication, table of contents etc. ( If its a printed work, you can retrieve the soft copy from your book publisher, or retype the book your self, or alternatively, scan all the pages of the book.)
  9. Allow us to reformat the appearance and structure of the text ? ( Yes / No)
    1. If no, ensure that the soft copy that you are sending to us is properly formatted exactly in the way you would want it to appear in the finished eBook. It means that you will have to send us the work as an attached file, Acceptable format are, Microsoft office package like excel, microsoft word ,Power Point or popular graphic formats.
    2. If yes, you can choose to send us the work as an attached file or as a plain text in the compose box of the email. Our reformatting activity does not extend to proof reading the work for likely typographical errors or changing the information that you are passing across. Extra fees would be charged for books exceeding 50 pages. You are entirely responsible for the contents of the book and typographical errors(if present)

Step 3 (Our Responsibility )

  • Once we have received your mail and confirmed your payments, we will set out immediately to process your book and convert it to the eBook equivalent. (Usually within a week)
  • We will contact you if we require additional information from you concerning your book.
  • We would send you the ebook and await your response and approval.
  • When we have received confirmation and approval of our service from you, we would proceed to delete all copies of the ebook from our systems and email folders.

Please be informed that UFUMES SCHOLARS will not keep a copy of your eBook after making it for you except on your permission.


What next after creating your eBooks?

Yes what next? there are couple of reason why you decided to create the eBook format of your published or unpublished books. You can decide to store it in a safe place, you can also decide to distribute it to some audience, whatever be your reasons, we just want to suggest ours.

Why not consider publishing the review of the ebook's content in the internet, a place where it can be available and accessible to lots of interested audience. By doing this also,

  • your reputation as an author and a renowned publisher grows
  • more and more people becomes aware of your works
  • you are inadvertently advertising your books, cheaply in the internet
  • You would record an increase in the local and international demands of your books

We can help you publish the review of the contents of your book in the internet

Its safe
Its affordable &
its worth it

Lets help you showcase your books to the world Now!

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We are creating an edition of the book you sent us believing that you are the author or the publisher-, or you have the full consent of the author or publisher. We assume that there is no infringement of any one's right by creating the e-edition of the book you sent to us. By employing our service, you agree to bear the consequence of any right infringements.

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Thanks for your trust and continued patronage.

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