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Publishing undergraduate students' work in the internet (Publishing guide)


Yes its free and very easy to get your works online too. You too can have a say in your field of studies.

Publishing undergraduate's works online

In just this three steps, we would help you publish your works online.

  • Read and accept the terms
  • Send us the required information about yourself and your work
  • and we will publish the work and send you its URL.

Publish your works now

Other people can now consult your work for their studies. In addition you can also offer your work for sale online!

We understand that

  • quite often you are relegated to the background as if your suggestions doesn't count.
  • your work is often not appreciated by those around you.
  • a lot of time, efforts and resources were invested in coming up with your work
  • it would be right if you receive due recognition and also make money from your intellectual work.

Publishing your work in the internet is the answer to all this.

This is the right time to retrieve and publish those term papers, seminar write ups and project works lying abandoned in your archives. There is no need to delay it, send us those works now or as soon as you 've written one, after all it is free and very easy to get them online.

While writing your next term paper, write with a consciousness that your audience is the whole world, you never can tell the type of recognition that your work will give you.


Guide to publishing students scholarly works in the internet.

Our publishing your work in the internet implies that you have read and agreed to be bound by the conditions stipulated in our terms of service.

Send the following information to

  1. Name (surname first)
  2. Mobile number
  3. Department
  4. Institution
  5. Email address
  6. Address
  7. The date the article was written
  8. Monetization option: Yes/No (ie,if the material will be sold online or free)
    • If the work would be available freely in the internet, then send us the well formatted work as an attached file in either microsoft word or PDF format.
    • If it would be sold online, send us only the abstract and the introduction. Since the generally acceptable electronic format for exchanging materials in the internet is the PDF format, it is important that you convert your work to the PDF format and then save a copy in your email box until it is demanded by a prospective buyer. (we can help you to convert your work to the PDF format, see details) , Send us also, the price you intend to sale your work in the internet.

Other instructions

Ensure that the work you sent to us is well formatted and free from error, (an errorful work does not speak well of its author)

Depending on the queue at the time of submitting your work to us, it may take up to three weeks before it becomes available online. We will send you an email containing the URL to your published work

Sales of work

  • If you plan to sell your work in the internet, then it must be done through us. You must have the PDF format of your work saved in your email box so that you can easily retrieve it and send it to prospective author.
  • An intending buyers pays in the required amount into UFUMES' account, we will then notify you of an impending sales, sending you the email address of the intending buyer, you are then expected to send the work to the buyer. We will disburse the money to you when we receive confirmation from the buyer.

We will charge 15% of the amount the work is sold. So you will receive 15% less the actual price the article was sold. The mode in which you would be paid is either through Nigerian bank or through the liberty reserve payment solution.


Terms and condition of service

  1. You agree that the work you submit to us for publication in the internet is solely and entirely your intellectual property and that in cases where more than one author contributes to the write-up that all the parties involved are aware and approve the publication of the work in the internet.
  2. In events where the work has more than one author, you accept that you effectively represent and act on behave of the other authors involved in the publication.
  3. You agree that all copyright laws were observed in coming up with the write up and that you will be solely responsible and would bear any consequence that results from a case of right infringement: In line with our policy, UFUMES will not hesitate to withdraw any work from the internet once we receives complaints from any individual, institutions and government agencies on the infringement of their rights.
  4. Our acceptance to publish your scholarly work online is on the assumption that it has not been published elsewhere and that it does not infringe on the right of any person, institution or agency.
  5. You are giving UFUMES the right to reformat your work and to organize it in a format that it considers best for better presentation online. "Reformatting” includes the exclusion of some section of the work like the title page, certification page etc, as UFUMES deems fit.
  6. You are entirely responsible for the contents and information contained in your work. You are also responsible for any typographical error that may be in your work. So be sure that the work you submit to UFUMES is well edited and proof read. A work full of typographical errors does not speak well of its quality and Author.
  7. UFUMES is under no obligation to ensure that your work is continuously and indefinitely available in the internet, it would be available as long as UFUMES deems fit.
  8. UFUMES reserves the right to suspend or terminate the accounts of any individual whose work or action, does not conform to the terms and conditions stated here.
  9. At any time you are free to withdraw your work from the internet, notify us by mail, of such intention
  10. It is the responsibility of our client to frequent this page as the terms of service stated here will be frequently revised as UFUMES deems fit, they would be bound by such terms.

If you have any questions or requires further clarifications on the terms stated here or on the mode and requirements discussed above, feel free to call us on 08067817864 or send us a mail at

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